Solor & Adonara

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December 10, 2019

Solor & Adonara

Lying next to Solor and Lembata, Adonara treasures infinite marine potentials. Besides the black sands, some of its waters have white sandy beaches spread along the coasts of a chain of uninhabited small islands. One of them is Mekobani, an island located in eastern Adonara. If Larantuka is your starting point – reachable within two hours by boat – you will have to go to Waiwerang. It is recommended to stay overnight in Waiwerang before heading early in the morning to the eastern side where Desa Waiwuring in Witihama sub district shall be your next visit. It takes less than two-hour drive to get there and you can rent a village public transportation or a motorbike from Larantuka.

Your island hopping starts in Waiwuring. Begin your trip early in the morning and rent the motor boat from local villagers. Due to its location – in the strait – the water is calm in the morning with strong current usually occurs at dawn. So, for those who want to snorkel, or just enjoying the beautiful moments while leisurely lying on the sand, morning until afternoon is the most ideal time.

Exploring the east coast of Adonara, you will see crystal clear sea water in various depths. This can be seen through the color change of the sea – from deep blue to aquamarine – once you are approaching the islands. A white-sandy-beach island known as Pulau Pasir Putih, Pulau Ina Penior Nusa Peni or Suanggi become some options to enjoy the waters in the area. The island is where black-naped tern seabirds usually nest. If you are lucky, thousands of bats will show up flying from the dense mangrove forest as your motor boat passes “Pulau Kelelawar.”

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