Tiwu Sora

Padar Island
November 29, 2019
November 29, 2019

Tiwu Sora

If you want to experience Lio culture and nature in a remote area, where you will be among the first visitors to leave your footprints, an exploration to Lake Tiwu Sora and an overnight stay in Deturia Village will make an unforgettable journey.

For the local Lio people, Tiwu Sora (tiwu means ‘lake’ in Lio language) is a sacred place with its own legend. The small lake is home to a species of giant eel. The people from the surrounding villages believe that the souls of the deceased go to the mystic lake and inhabit the eels. So as not disturb the resting souls, each visitor has to go through a special ritual before entering the area of the lake. A village elder, who has the ritual knowledge to communicate with the ancestral spirits, will arrange the necessary supernatural preparations.

A recommended tour from Maumere

You can start your unforgettable trip to Tiwu Sora by car or motorbike from Maumere, where you will pass along the breathtakingly beautiful northern coastline. After about 41km, having passed the border between Sikka and the Ende district, you arrive in Rote Bobi Village. There is an intersection on the left side, which goes to Pise Village for another 9km. The road is very bumpy and only for experienced drivers. Let your driver drop you off or leave your car or motorbike in Pise (do not forget to tell your driver when and where to pick you up again after the trekking!).

Walk about 1km up the road until you find a small path on the left. From that point, enjoy the beautiful 3-hour hike (depending on your physical condition), which takes you first across a wide open savannah where you will encounter water buffalo families. The following single path passes through a dense forest.  If you observe the forest’s natural beauty closely, you will capture incredible vegetation entertaining the senses.

From edible plants like the wild red berry (rattan fruit) Calamus sp., Arecaceae—served by Mother Nature as a thirst quencher, to plants merely showing off the beauty of magnificent shades and shapes of their petal such as the wild Orchids, smell and feel their scent. Edelweiss also spreads out in almost every corner of the forest along with countless other different vegetations in shapes and colors, rarely found in towns. All this realm beauty has been there since ancient times waiting to be explored.

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