Tololela Village

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Tololela Village

Tololela village is a traditional village with altitude 650 meter above sea level located in the Manubhara village, about ± 30km from Bajawa. Even though Tololela is not located in Jerebu’u Valley, yet in socio-graphics it is still part of Jerebu’u community. There are 31 traditional houses with 7 clans (Woe) in the village, namely: Siga Dala, Siga Daku, Siga Lalu Bila, Metu, Be’a, Raba, Siga Pedhu Raga. The existence of these 7 clans is evident from 7 pairs of Ngadhu and Bhaga in their yard. spatial, the village located in two different overlay; on top and bottom. The inhabitant clans on top overlay are Siga Dala, Siga Daku, Siga Lalu Bila, Siga Pedhu Raga and Metu. And the inhabitant on bottom overlay are; Be’a and Raba. Each overlay relatively flat, but it has elevated front yard for deployment of customary constructions. The entrance to the village located on highest top overlay situated in north side of the village and the village center yard (kisa loka) is on top overlay. Those two streets linked by a trails and stairway.

Tololela village is also one of developed traditional village and preferred by travelers who wants to go trekking and experiencing more ‘local’ vibe compare to its famous neighbor, Bena village. A donation is encouraged to visitors who visit Tololela. The visitors can see some attractions such as bombardom music, a traditional musical instrument made of bamboo. Usually the bombardom concert is a folk song about the origin history of Tololela and explaining the contents of each traditional house, Ngadhu and Bhaga.


There are no hotels around Tololela but you can ask to stay with locals and experience the authentic village life of Ngadanese.

How to Get There

You can visit the village by trekking with starting point from Bena Village or on motorbike about ± 30km from Bajawa.

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